FAQ's About Manufactured Home Construction

If I purchase a used manufactured home from a Dealer/Agent, do I have any recourse if I have problems with it? Who do I contact?
The Division of Motor Vehicle's jurisdiction on used homes is limited to the contractual obligations of the Dealer/Agent's sales contract. Only the warranty or implied warranty on the contract is enforceable.

Do I have to purchase a registration for my manufactured home each year?
Mobile homes located on your property may qualify to be taxed as real property. Your local tax collector (tag office) will sell you a permanent, one-time registration sticker for your home. If your home is in a leased land community you do not pay property taxes on your home. You only pay property taxes on the additions, such as carports, and Florida rooms.

Is a new manufactured home required to have a set-up/homeowner's manual?
Yes, the state and federal laws and codes require the manufacturer to furnish complete printed instructions for the set-up and maintenance of each home.

Does the State of Florida regulate manufactured home anchors and set-up products? 
Yes, all set-up material is required to be tested and approved to DMV requirements.

Are local permits required for manufactured homes and park trailers set-up?
Yes, set-up permits are applied for at the local building and zoning offices.

Do Florida dealer warranties apply to homes purchased from an out-of-state dealer?
No, the dealer's warranty applies only to homes purchased from licensed Florida dealers. 

Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
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