Finding The Best Mortgage Rate

There are many sources where you can get your mortgage, so it is highly advisable to shop around for the best rates. The Thompson Team in Central Florida, can not only assist you in the search of your dream home but they work with many Lenders and will gladly assist you in this decision process. You may go to your local bank and find out what type of programs they have for you. Plus, it may even be an excellent idea to consult with a mortgage broker. A Mortgage Broker has access to hundreds of Lenders, and can sometimes shop to find you a better rate than what a local Lender can offer. However, be careful to look at each Lender or Mortgage Brokers closing costs when comparing rates. Some with a lower rate, may be charging you much more in closing costs.

To determine what mortgage is best for you and your new home purchase, its important to analyze your financial goals, determine how long you plan to stay in your new home in Central Florida that you are purchasing thru The Thompson Team. Also take a look at your future for anticipated career advancements or retirement. A mortgage specialist can help you with this. Also be sure to consult with your Agent about Lenders as they have worked with many Lenders and can let you know the ones that will make financing a smooth experience.

Mortgage Rates Tip

Make sure that a Lender does not offer extremely low mortgage rates, but then they end up charging upfront fees or outrageous closing costs. Closing costs are normal and included in nearly all mortgages, but here is something to keep in mind:

Some mortgage brokers and various lenders may lower the closing costs to ensure they get your business. Since there is a large amount of competition in the industry, Lenders and Mortgage Brokers need to do various things to get your business, which is great news for you!

Be sure to ask if you can get the closing costs lowered - it can't hurt.

Compare Closing Costs/Rates of up to 3 lenders

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You may also get information on VA Mortgages from the VA Mortgage Center

If in doubt or need assistance, do not hesitate to call The Thompson Team @(863)325-8217. We will refer you a Specialist to assist you in this important decision prior to purchasing your dream home in Central Florida!

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