Home Inspections And Appraisals

Getting a good inspector to inspect the Manufactured/Mobile home you purchase from The Thompson Team in Central Florida before buying could be essential. The Thompson Team can provide you with the name of a qualified inspector in the Central Florida area. It could be in your best interest to get an inspection, and the Lender will most likely require one as well. Included with all homes sold by the Thompson Team at full asking price is a one year home warranty that will cover all of your electric, plumbing, central heat & a/c, hot water heater, appliances and more. This is to provide the buyer an added piece of mind that most problems that may arise after the purchase will be covered. The Lender may however still require an inspection by a Certified Building Inspector. The Thompson Team works closely with several Inspectors who are Certified and experienced in working with Manufactured/Mobile homes in leased land Communities.

A quick list of things you should know about a Home Inspection:

  • A Home Inspector will check the home from ground to roof, including plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical systems, roof, floors, walls, ceilings, insulation, ventilation, doors, windows, wells, septic or sewer, foundation and the visible structure of the home.
  • The Inspector will suggest any repairs needed.
  • A reputable Inspector will never offer to perform needed repairs and should not refer you to a contractor to perform such repairs. The Thompson Team will be happy to assist you with that.
  • You can find a Certified Inspector by getting a referral from a satisfied customer or calling The Thompson Team in Central Florida, Polk County by calling (863)325-8217. Avoid referrals from anyone who has a financial interest in the sale going through.
  • When considering a particular Inspector, ask for at least three references and check them out.
  • The cost of an inspection varies with the area. It may start from $100 and go up to approx. $500.00.
  • Be sure to ask the Inspector about their liability insurance coverage including "errors and omissions" (E & O) or malpractice insurance that covers Inspector negligence.
  • Ask for a written report within a day or two from the Inspector.
  • Make sure that you accompany the Inspector during the inspection. An advantage of this is that you will learn a few maintenance tips!
  • Do your homework before you accompany the Inspector. Use the checklist below to identify any problem areas in case your Inspector overlooks them.

    Checklist of things to look for during self-inspection of the home:

  • Are there large cracks or shifts in the foundation or marriage beam on a Manufactured/Mobile home?
  • Are there leaks or watermarks around eaves and downspouts outside the house or windows and ceilings inside the home?
  • Does the basement if applicable look or smell damp? Does the owner store his/her belongings everywhere but on the basement floor?
  • Is the house tightly sealed? Are there drafts from any windows, doors, attic areas or crawl spaces? How much are the energy bills?
  • Does the drainage lead away from the home and appear to be in good condition? Do soggy spots on the lawn exist? Are any trees too close to the home or look to be unhealthy or dead?
  • What is the condition of the roof?
  • Are there a lot of nail pops inside the home or do the floors creak or give in when I walk on them?
  • Is the water clear and odor free? How is the water pressure? Are there unusual noises when the plumbing is active?
  • Are there 3-pronged safety outlets or are appliances plugged in with adapters or extension cord? Do the lights flicker?
  • Is a piece of furniture sitting in an unusual place hiding a stain or hole in the carpet?
  • Appraisal/Valuation

    Legally, your Lender may require you to carry out an appraisal of a home, when you apply for mortgage. Even banks insist on an evaluation of property, and in most cases the Lender can do this with photos and/or a drive-by of the home and community.

    An Appraisal (or Valuation) is an inspection of the home to determine its value, so the Lender can assess how much it may lend. It is not a survey and is usually paid by the Buyer, who receives the copy of the report. Valuation is limited compared to a survey. It also identifies areas that require more detail by a specialist. You are now ready to Make an Offer on your dream home purchase thru The Thompson Team in Central Florida!

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