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"The Thompson Team" will be honored to show you "our marketing plan" for you to compare
with any other Agency in Polk County Florida!

Don't be fooled by selling your Florida home through an in-experienced Agency that claims experience but may have just opened their doors and cannot show you an advertising and  marketing plan and a prooven track record of RESULTS!   No one in Polk County Central Florida has worked leased land Communities longer than The Thompson Team.  The Thompson Team has a 9 year Client database.  No Company in Polk County has a larger Clientele base that is important to you in finding a Buyer than The Thompson Team.  Beware of pledges of doing the same job or more for equal or less commission.  Are you being offered a less commission rate because of lack of experience or advertising?  Lower commission means no advertising and no advertising means no Buyer (s)!  Did an Agent your considering just begin this occupation?  How long has that Agent been doing leased land?  Are they doing leased land only or do they do other things which often result in your home going by the wayside while they concentrate on other types of listings they might have?  Can they show you licensure to back that up?  Are they offering less commission because they don't have any listings, or don't advertise or post to the internet worldwide, or are they just going to list your home, put a sign up and hope for a drive by Buyer?  Is paying less commission only going to mean you will continue to pay lot rent while your home is never sold?  When listing your home and comparing commission rates pay special attention to what you are getting for the commission you will pay. We so often see Clients find a Company to list with just because commission is lower. Listing just for a lower commission makes no sense if your home never sells due to lack of the Agents presence and marketing tools to ensure exposure of your home. You then just keep paying that lot rent, plus insurance, and maintenance. In most cases if you find yourself perhaps paying 1% more in commission, you will also find yourself with a “sold” sign and more in your bank account overall from what you have saved on that lot rent, insurance, and maintenance! It is really something you must think about and understand when trying to sell in todays market.

Prooven  RESULTS are what your looking for!  Insure yourself that the Agency you list with will work nights, weekends, and Holidays if need be for you and your Buyer!  Verify that you can reach your Agent 24/7.  Verify that the Agency Office listing your home is close to your home!  Don't make the mistake of listing with an office that can't be at your home quickly when that's a could be Buyer you see sitting out front!  Ask if the Agency specializes in Manufactured Homes only!  Anyone can set a price and put a For Sale sign on your home but then sell site built homes or new construction.  ....The Thompson Team specializes in Manufactured Homes in leased land Communities.  We will do a comparable market analysis on the selling price and market your home in a special manner that leased land requires.  We will also offer your home with a 1 Year Warranty!  This is a vital selling point to your Buyer!  A Buyer is going to buy your home with a warranty verses the one down the street without a warranty!  Leased Land is all The Thompson Team does, so all our efforts are on your home! This is by the way how we make our living so we have to so what it takes to  sell your home!  Confirm that the Agency you list with is a member of the Florida Manufactured Home Association.  This is as important as being a Realtor. Does any other Agent have the compareables and appraisal resources that the Lender will need to back up your asking price?  Does any other Agent have the sources for a satisfactory inspection of your home if a Buyer has requested this?  Would you like to see our list of Sellers that unfortunatly learned all this the hard way by not listing with The Thompson Team in the beginning?  Have you read our Testimonials?

We average 8246 visitors to our website each month! (That is phenomenal!!) We are the #1 ranked Manufactured Home Sale Company on the major engines of Yahoo and Google search engines. (That has taken years and a lot of advertising dollars to achieve!) That is very important for you as when a Buyer goes looking we are the first Company that pops up to them in their search for a manufactured home in the State of Florida!  It is not as simple as posting to a local web site.  The website your home is posted on must be worldwide!  We work nights, weekends, and holidays. (Not everyone can look at your home between 8 and 4.)  We are highly recommended by other firms who send us their listings as they do not want to deal with manufactured due to the advertising costs.  We are highly referred by both the Chamber of Commerce Lake Wales and Haines City. Any inquiry that comes into them regarding a home purchase is replied by the Chambers mailing our flyers explaining and describing our homes for sale!  Some of our best referrals are Community Managers who see our accomplishments on a weekly basis. The main thing is, you want to list your home with someone who is really going to market it and not just sit back and hope for a drive by Buyer and we will do that! We wish you success on the sale of the home even if for some reason you do not choose to list with “The Thompson Team.”

The Thompson Teams 9 years of experience will give you the marketing power, resources, connections, knowledge, and  RESULTS you deserve!

Contact us today at (863)221-5664 . Visit our website at www.PamThompsonTeam.com and experience what we do that is above, beyond and so different to achieve the SUCCESSFUL RESULTS you are in search of and deserve!

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