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Tips For Selling Your Home 


It is a proven fact that homes that are staged properly will appear much more desireable and are more likely to sell quicker than unstaged homes.  Staging your home inside and out properly for successful showings and sale.  It is a good idea to walk thru your home as if you were a Buyer.  Does it look neat and uncluttered?  Do you have too many personal photos or collectibles in view?  Is the home over decorated?  Depersonalize!  Buyers are trying to imagine their belongings in your home so the less of yours they see the easier it is for them to envision the home being theirs! 

Also remember that this is not a social call! You should not be present for showings.  If you are present be courteous and friendly but remember that forcing conversation may chase away a potential buyer. Too many people in a home can also deter a potential Buyer; maybe you can take a short walk or just sit on the porch while they walk through. Most Buyers feel uncomfortable when Sellers are present and do not give us honest feedback because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Let The Thompson Team show your home and do all of the negotiating. It is what we do best!



       Are countertops free & clear, bathroom & kitchen?  Dishes in the Kitchen sink clean or dirty need to be put away.  In the Bathroom be sure that perfume/cologne bottles, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, medications, make up, etc. are all hidden for showings.

       Have you removed all unnecessary furniture throughout the house? If you are selling the home furnished, broken or worn furniture is not a selling point so go ahead and remove as much as possible. If you are selling furnished less is better, put the items that you rarely use in storage so Buyers can view the space in your home.

       Remove the art gallery and coupon collection from the refrigerator! We know those family photos/pictures are precious but Buyers are interested in what they are covering. Also go sparingly on the magnets as only one or two is the best.

       Put away as many personal photos and collectibles as possible, remember Buyers are trying to picture their belongings inside so less is better! Also not everyone has the same taste as you and you risk an item that is dear to you being broken because although everyone tries to be careful occasionally accidents could happen.

       Pick up the kids toys and have them put in a toy box or closet for showings.



       Are the surfaces clean and clear? Toilet paper that is not on the roll should be hidden as well as bathroom cleaners & clothes or sponges.  

       Are shower curtains and doors hung properly? Hide any wet clothes or bathing suits in a closet until after the showing.

       Is the flooring clean and fresh? Throw rugs straight, clean and matching?

       Are towels neatly hung and dry? Keep in mind that towels and rugs in matching colors show best, too many colors throw things off. A quick trip to the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart can get you an inexpensive matching set.



       Is the paint and wallpaper clean & fresh? Paint that is chipping or wallpaper that is torn or peeling should be fixed or tastefully covered.  Keep in mind too that neutral colors on the walls sell better than a variety of different colors.

       Are the walls free from holes? Patch any holes that you see in the walls.

       Are there any colors or objects on the walls that need to be removed? Crayon marks, furniture marks, & pet marks are all things that may deter Buyers.

       Keep children’s rooms simply decorated. Cartoon characters painted on the walls and a lot of stickers or posters may deter Buyers.  Let the kids have a few of their favorite things displayed since moving can be a difficult transition for them too but once again less is better and rooms painted in more neutral colors or calmer tones are more appealing than loud, bright colors.



       Is the carpet clean or vacuumed and free from stains?

       Are the hard surfaces clean and free from stains? Be sure that pet hair, food crumbs or spills, etc. are all swept or mopped up. Swiffers are a great thing!



       Are the windows clean and free of cracks or breaks? Clean windows allow in more natural light and help to brighten things up.

       Are the drapes or blinds clean and hung properly? Broken blinds or curtain rods do not help in selling your home and can easily be fixed with a quick trip to the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart. Be sure that curtains or drapes that have ties backs are straight and even and not twisted or half hung. Also be sure that valances are straight and no gaps appear between sections.



Pets are great except when you are trying to show a home, please make arrangements for Sparky & Tiger when your home is being shown if possible.  Are there any signs that this is a pet’s home? Be sure to clean and remove kitty litter, hide pet toys, feeding and watering dishes and bedding.


       How’s the aroma? For those that do not have pets the smell of pets is a lot more evident and so a few plug ins or some air freshener before a showing will help. Try to use well before a showing as a consideration to those with allergies.

       Be sure that there are not clumps of pet hair on the floor or furniture as everyone does not like pets and that could easily turn off a Buyer.

       If you can not make arrangements for your pet to be out of the home for showings please try to make a place where they can be secured in the home so that Buyers can walk thru without having Sparky jumping on them or Tiger brushing against their legs. Once again not everyone likes pets and some have allergies to them.



       Here comes the sun! Your in Florida open your drapes and blinds and let the light in! Our northern Buyers love the warm & bright sun; after all they are looking to escape those dreary, dark winters!

       Turn the radio on a pleasant channel with low to medium  volume  to enhance the ambiance.

       Try to have a welcoming aroma permeating the home.


 Outside Appearance & Lawn Care

o       Staging the outside of your home is just as important as the inside because the outside is the first thing potential Buyers see.

o       Keep you lawn mowed, weeded, edged and be sure to take care of ant beds.

o       Flower beds should be RED mulched, weeded, bushes trimmed and don’t be afraid to put a little color in your landscaping it attracts attention to your home.

o       Buyers come to Florida looking for tropical plants and landscaping in their yard. Palm trees and hibiscus bushes are great for giving your yard that Florida look and adding a little color and they don’t need a lot of maintenance. A citrus tree or two is a good idea too!

o       Keep your home pressure washed. We recommend twice a year to keep a nice clean look.

o       We realize that some of our Sellers live out of state so make arrangements with your yard care company to maintain your yard properly while you are away. Touch base with them regularly to see if perhaps your yard needs to be refreshed with fertilizer, new plantings or mulch. A plain house with overgrown plants, lawn and weeds is not going to attract as much attention as a well maintained yard with colorful plantings.  Curb appeal is a must!



       Listing price is important; keep in mind that you might have to readjust your expectations of what your home is worth in the current market.  Your agent can provide you with recent comparables for your Community when listing the home. You must remember that if a Buyer needs financing your house must appraise for what you are asking for it. Most communities have several of the same model homes available so keep your listing price competitive and if at all possible slightly lower than similar homes in your community to give your home the edge. Give all offers on your home careful consideration before declining or countering an offer. Buyers will find what they want in the price range they want and think is fair whether it be your home or your neighbors so keep that in mind. Another thing to consider is that walking away from an offer over a few thousand dollars means that you could pay that amount or more out in lot rent over the next several months until another Buyer comes along. Remember that a manufactured home on leased land loses value each year unless you have added something of value that an Appraiser will consider so the chances of you getting out of the home what you paid for it are very slim.  Offer a home warranty!  Your Buyer will buy your home with a home warranty verses the one down the street without a warranty every time!

       Take into account any feedback that we give you from Buyers that we show your home to.  They are your best judges.


Finally, don’t show your home to anyone, get their name and number and we will call them or give them a flyer and a business card and have them contact us for us to work for you on your behalf.  This is for your safety and protection! Trust in The Thompson Team!  We have the knowledge and experience to get YOU the best possible results! 


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