My Dream Home....Will I Find It & Will It Suit My Needs...

The first step to being the proud owner of your dream home is to actually search for such a home. Make a list of all the advantages and features that you would like in your home and a community. Once you have you list completed then contact The Thompson Team and let them help you find your dream home.

Naturally, while looking for this dream you are going to be excited about the future - you envision a happy and contented life for you and your family.

Housing Requirements

Having a clear idea of all the housing requirements even before you start hunting for your dream home is vital. This will save you a lot of time and money.

The three most important factors that you should look for are location, style and cost.


Where you live is as important as the house you live in. Your family lifestyle, your work commute, recreational and other facilities are points to consider while deciding on a location. When purchasing a home in a leased land community you must take into account a few other things such as do you want an adult or all age community, will they accept your pets, what amenities are you looking in a community such as pool, clubhouse, lake access, playground, ect.. Urban houses are generally close to all amenities but are smaller in size, whereas, suburban houses are much larger but further away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When considering your move, you should identify neighborhood features that benefit you and the environment. Other services that you may want to look at are:

Other Factors In Determining A Good Location:

  • Schools
  • Work
  • Transportation
  • Places of Worship
  • Hospital/Fire Department/Police Department
  • Recreation
  • Family/Friends
  • Doctor/Dentist/Other professional services
  • There are many other factors you should consider when choosing the location of your dream home. For example, is the community well maintained?

    Future development can also affect home values and property taxes, so you'll want to consider whether there are any changes or any major developments planned.

    Type of House

    Check out the kind of house you'd like to buy. Obviously, cost becomes a major factor in choosing the type, but maintenance and appreciation are also important factors. Manufactured homes on leased land are a very affordable way to live in the Central Florida area.

    Type of Home:

  • Single Family
  • Semi-Detached
  • Duplex
  • Row / Townhouse
  • High-Rise Condominium
  • Manufactured
  • Pre-fabricated
  • Apartment
  • Get the Home Buyer and Mortgage manual to help you in deciding exactly what can you afford and what will be the best option for you. It contains more detailed information on each of the different types of properties, as well as advantages and disadvantages of buying a new construction home vs. an older home.

    Style and Costs

    A list of all the features will help you in deciding on the style of your house. However, you have to be realistic and also consider the costs for all the amenities. Try to be pragmatic about what you are looking for.

    Buying a home involves a lot of financial considerations. Keep these aspects in mind when choosing your home:

    Other Important Aspects:

  • Exterior condition

  • Check the condition of the roof, brick, mortar, paint, siding, a/c units, decks and patios.
  • Energy efficiency

  • What type of heating and insulation does the home have? Is the entire house insulated? Is the shed or FLR insulated?
  • Air quality

  • Does the house smell clean and fresh? Check for conditions and materials that will maintain a healthy indoor environment.
  • Structural problems

  • Doors and windows that stick and uneven floors can indicate problems.
  • Test the water pressure

  • Turn on the taps or flush the toilet.
  • Is there parking?

  • Does the home have a private or shared driveway? Does it have enough parking to accomodate your vehicles?
  • How long has the house been on the market?

  • If the house has attracted few buyers in a long time, then you need to find out why. The Thompson Team is here to help you find your dram home and they can readily answer any questions you may have about communities in the Central Florida area and homes which they have listed or have sold in the past. 
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