Manufactured Homes Are A Low Cost Retirement Option

They were once called trailer's or trailer parks, then mobile home parks. 
Today, residents who live in them generally prefer the term "Manufactured Homes" in "Manufactured Home Communities."  
They are no longer stereotyped "trailer's".

As the names changed, so did the design and features. The old mind's eye picture of a rectangular trailer, with dull metallic exteriors, plain square windows, creaky screen doors and tiny bathrooms, pales when compared to the options available for buyers today. Exterior designs can be made of vinyl or wood, while interiors can include ceramic tile, wood cabinets, large windows, vaulted ceilings and much more!

Affordability is clearly a draw for buyers planning their retirement! The average sales price of a re-sale manufactured home is $40,000 and a basic, new manufactured home, without any frills such as carports, and Florida rooms are about $65,100, compared with about $313,600 for a new, single-family home, according to Census data from The Associated Press in August of 2008.

Design advancements have made manufactured homes stronger, affordable and very much sought after.  

Manufactured homes, especially in leased land Florida communities with amenities such as clubhouses,swimming pools and fitness facilities  are very  appealing and even more so to Retirees and older residents on fixed incomes. AARP in 2008 estimated that there are 3.3 million manufactured home households with residents 50 or older.

In land-lease communities, residents pay a monthly fee to managers of the communities therby excaping the payment of property taxes!

In a Florida 55+ leased land community, there are not younger people who tend to be messy and make noise and there's a sense of camaraderie that emerges.  You get to know your neighbors and you feel safe.  Everyone takes care of each other.  Thus, Florida 55+ retirement leased land communties are very much sought after, on the rise and are your low cost retirement option!

Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
Central Florida LAKE WALES FL 33859