Manufactured Housing Industry Overview

With the crisis in affordable housing continuing across America, manufactured housing offers a unique source of quality, non-subsidized homes that people can afford. With an average per-square foot cost ranging from 10-35 percent less than site-built homes, depending on geographic region, today’s manufactured homes provide buyer’s  with the best value to be found in the housing marketplace. 

Te affordability of manufactured housing can be attributed to the efficiencies emanating from the factory-built process. The controlled environment and assembly-line techniques remove many of the problems encountered during traditional construction, such as poor weather, theft, vandalism and damage to the building products and materials stored on site. Also, factory employees are scheduled and managed more efficiently, as opposed to the system of contracted labor employed by the site-built housing industry. 

Manufactured home builiding also benefits from the economies of scale that result from being able to purchase large quantities of building materials and products. As a result, manufactured home builders are able to negotiate better prices on many construction materials and products for the home and pass the savings on to the buyer. 

In addition to being affordable, today’s manufactured homes also offer the quality, amenities, and technologically-advanced features that buyers desire. Ranging from vaulted ceilings to working fireplaces to state-of-the art appliances, today’s manufactured homes offer the buyer the opportunity to customize a home to fit a family’s particular lifestyle and needs, at a price they can afford. 

Once known primarily as rural housing, today’s manufactured homes are evolving, with architectural styles that blendinto most neighborhoods and offer real housing options for suburband and urban markets. New exterior designs make these homes more asethetically pleasing, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with existing neighborhoods.  As a result, developers and builders are using manufactured housing in their subdivisions in increasing numbers.

Greater focus on energy efficiency within the manufactured housing industry has resulted in a significant jump in the numbers of manufacturers building EnergyStar-labeled manufactured homes. These homes, with enhanced levels of insulation as well as more efficient heating and cooling equipment, provide homeowners with substantail savings on their energy costs.

An emphasis on innovation and including two story and single family attached homes-ispropelling the maunufactured housing industry forward in many new areas. With continued advances in technology and in public acceptance manufactured housing will remain a major provider of quality, affordable housing in the 21st century.

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