Cost Comparison Regarding Land Leased vs. Deeded Homes



1. You don’t pay for the land. You can invest the cost you would pay for a lot in savings or for example an interest bearing retirement account.  Therefore, you will accrue interest and still have your nest egg should you need it for discretionary or emergency purposes. This allows you to use your assets to your best advantage.


1. You will more than likely tie up your hard earned retirement fund and pay $35,000 minimum for a lot in a quality manufactured home Community which includes a total amenity package & recreational facilities like the leased land Communities. The only one this arrangement benefits is the Developer.

2. You do not pay property taxes. You

instead pay Tangible taxes of normally less than

$125 a year. You also pay decal fees of normally

less than $150/yr.


2. You will pay property taxes of $1,000 or upwards 

per year.

3. You do not pay maintenance, Home Owners

Assoc. fees and assessment fees because

everything is included in your land lease.  The

Community provides the security and maintenance

of the clubhouse, pools, public areas, facilities and recreationalfacilities, plus maintenance of all of the common areas throughout the Community. 

Depending on the Community your trash, water,

sewer, and lawn care may be included.


3.You will pay Home Owners Association fees and maintenance fees of $180-$500/mo. You are

responsible for and accessed for your share of 

expenses for the upkeep of the community, the streets,

street lighting, pools, public areas and facilities.

There is no cap on these assessments or fees. You

will also pay extra for your trash, water, sewer,

and lawn care.

4. You have continuing professional management

with an interest in the Community who sets

reasonable rules and regulations to maintain a

quality community. This gives you the assurance

that Community standards will be carefully




4. When a community is sold, the developer has  no

further interest in it. Consequently, you may  have

bought into the product of his short-term intentions.

Once a land owned Community is built out the

Developer transfers the operational and

maintenance responsibilities to the lot owners and

that is you.

5. In a land lease community, the developer usually

sells the homes that will be occupied within a year or

less, assuring controlled Community growth.


5. You may be surrounded by poorly maintained or  

vacant lots, because in many Communities, lots are  

initially sold but nor built on until years later.                


6. High minimum standards are set for the homes

being built in land lease communities, which in turn protects your investment. 

All homes must pass code restrictions.


6. You have little control over the quality or value of 

homes being built.                                  


7. The community retains legal liability of all common areas andfacilities.


7. You now share the legal liability of all common         

areas and facilities. You are now included in any law suit the Community could encounter.


Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
Central Florida LAKE WALES FL 33859