Easy Steps for Retiring in Florida

If you are thinking of retiring to the good life in Central Florida , it's never too early to start working with The Thompson Team in Polk County to find your Resale Manufactured dream home! There's a wealth of knowledge to tap into. Begin with a get acquainted email to The Thompson Team or call 863-221-5664. A general tourism guide is available from Visit Florida, available through their toll-free number 888-7FLAUSA or visit their web site at www.flausa.com for more information about the various regions of the state. 

The Florida Manufactured Housing Association (850-907-9111) has a selection of brochures about manufactured homes in Florida . PMN Publishing in Indianapolis , Indiana (317-888-7156) also has a selection of informative booklets available to the public. 

Armed with this information, plan a trips to Florida to meet with The Thompson Team. Florida is a large and diverse state with variations in climate from north to south. And while there are advantages to being near a large urban area, there are still many charming small towns throughout the state. Regardless of where you go, however, relaxation and the good life can always be found in the Polk County communities The Thompson Team will introduce you to. 

As one travels and vacations around Florida , it's wise to begin evaluating not only the regional differences, but also the manufactured housing alternatives. And the best way to do that is by visiting with The Thompson Team and benefit from their vast knowledge of various manufacturer's and communities. The Thompson Team will help you make that important buying decision taking time to familiarize you with the characteristics, features, and pricing associated with today's manufactured homes. 

Another important consideration is whether to buy a new or previously owned home. Of course, it's always a pleasure to design and accessorize a new home, but manufactured homes hold their value so well that an attractive, previously owned home in good condition is a realistic option as well as a tremendous savings from impact fees and sales tax for many clients such as you. The Thompson Team assures you of these benefits!

For many, however, the strong preference is to own their home, but to lease the land on which it is sited. The monthly land-lease payment helps to fund a wide variety of on-site services and activities geared to the lifestyle of the community. Plus, residents of a land-lease community benefit from the presence of professional property managers who enforce high community standards and the many amenities the communities offer! 

When you've made your final decisions, you will find that the purchase of your manufactured home is likely to be a very pleasant experience. Today's manufactured homes are every bit as energy efficient and structurally sound as site-built homes. 

It's up to you. Equip yourself with a positive attitude, patience and a plan. Begin your research now and you will be on your way to your new life that you so much deserve in sunny Florida .
Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
Central Florida LAKE WALES FL 33859