How To Find A Home For Sale

Once you have decided what type of home you are looking for, the next step is to find it! There are two ways to find a home, either searching on your own or or using an Agent like The Thompson Team in Central Florida that "specializes" in Manufactured/Mobile homes in Leased Land Communities..

Many people mistakenly believe that an Agent will charge a fee to help locate a home. However, in nearly all situations, the Buyer does not pay the Agent! At closing, any Buyer's or Seller's Agents are paid by the Seller.

In general, commission is paid out by the Seller, when they list and sell their home with an Agent in the Central Florida area. The Thompson Team has low commission rates compared to others for the specialized service they provide! Commission for the sale is paid out whether or not the Buyer has a Buyer's Agent. If you have a Buyer's Agent, then a commission goes to the Buyers Agent. It is to your benefit to work with an Agent, who can represent your best interests. Find an agent now.

Most Agents will want you to have a pre-approval letter, before they begin to show you homes. This is to protect you by not showing you homes that would be out of your price range and to provide the Seller a piece of mind that their home is being shown to a qualified Buyer who has a sincere interest in purchasing a home. Get your pre-approval letter.

In case you are looking to do it yourself,or simply do some of the legwork on your own before contacting an Agent, here are a few tips that will certainly help:

1. Research, Research and more Research

One of the best mediums for research is the Internet or calling The Thompson Team in Central Florida at (863)325-8217! This is an excellent way to find out what you should expect for your money. The Thompson Team website at is an excellent way to see what is available to fit your needs, wants and desires as well as your price range. Again, You can view The Thompson Team's website at Shortlist all the houses that meet most of your requirements and contact The Thompson Team at (863)325-8217.

Searching Tip:

  • Searching for properties over the net is easier than searching the newspaper. On the internet, you can key in your personal search criteria and don't have to be bothered with the vast number of listings that aren't for you. Internet Real Estate sites offer customized search options that allow you to zero in on your key requirements.

    Local newspapers would be a good source if you are looking to buy a homee in the same locality. Sunday newspapers generally have a number of good listings. Also pick up some of the Real Estate publications you see in grocery stores, outside offices, restaurants & hotels. These will give you a good idea as to what is available in the area and provide you with the names of Agents who can help you to find what you are looking for. Call The Thompson Team and they will also arrange to mail you publications if necessary.

    2. Make appointments to look at the homes you've selected

    Make sure that you visit each home. Call in advance and set up an appointment. This will ensure you quality time with your Agent. Pick up to 5 homes to view at a time. Anymore than this will simply leave you confused as to what you have seen. Make plans to keep going out and looking if you don't see what you like in the first showings. Be sure to ask your Agent for a flyer or info sheet on each home you see and make your own notes as to what you like, don't like, and things like costs related to the home. Look at all the homes that interest you before making a decision or you may miss out on your dream home. Don't hesitate to ask questions, your Agent is there to help you make this important decision! Be sure you also consider the neighborhood or community the home is in. Some communities including Leased Land Communities may have restrictions in regard to certain things like pets and/or children. Research the communities as well as the homes. Leased land communities have a monthly lot rent,verses paying high property taxes, thus saving you money! Some even allow you to own a share in the Community for an additional fee and some have an annual pass thru tax which goes toward the upkeep of the community and its great amenities. Be sure that all of these expenses will fit into your budget for purchasing your dream home.

    Guidelines to follow when you visit a home:

  • Carry a camera with you and take plenty of photos of the house (ok this with the Agent first), including all rooms, bathrooms, and closets.
  • Compare all the features in the home against your needs and budget.
  • Don't make hasty decisions. Remember, this is one of the biggest investments of your life.
  • Visit the home with your Spouse and children. Ask them for their opinion. Make a decision collectively.

    3. Attend seminars

    There are many Homebuyer seminars conducted frequently. These are generally advertised in local newspapers. Seminars might be helpful and give you further insights into buying your new home. Just keep in mind that this is a big decision and take your time in making it. There is no such thing as a silly question when you are making a purchase this big, so don't hesitate to ask. Once a sale contract is signed you are legally bound to purchase that home. The Thompson Team would be more than happy to share their knowledge of Manufactured/Mobile homes in Leased Land Communities in the Polk County, Central Florida area with you. You can visit the website at, contact us via email at or by phone at 863-325-8217.

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