Life Is Easy In A Florida Manufactured Home

If you are vacationing in our beautiful state for the first time, or if you are returning to enjoy the many benefits of Florida we would like to encourage you to consider making it your permanent home.

Maybe you are a friend or relative of someone living in Florida who thoughtfully sent you a copy of this article. Florida has a large influx of northerners who come to our state during the months November through April. People who visit are looking to escape from the cold, snowy, dreary northern weather. We hope while you are here you will take the time to check out the many advantages of living in an affordable manufactured home in Florida.

First, let me give you some facts about Florida. It is a peninsula covering 58,560 square miles and ranks 22nd in size. It is a long state measuring 542 miles north from Jacksonville south to Key West.   If you drive west to east Pensacola to Jacksonville you will cover 364 miles. There are 2,276 miles of shoreline with 663 miles of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are about 7,700 lakes larger than 10 acres providing excellent fishing and water sports.    In Polk County alone you will find over 550 lakes!  In Central Florida's Polk County your're also on the right course to a great game of golf.  Within a 50-mile radius, you'll find more than 60 golf courses and 500 holes of public, wemi-private and private golf courses, not to mention some of Florida's best attractions and our fabulous tropical climate.

The capital of the state is Tallahassee. The estimated population in 2005 was 17,789,864 which ranked Florida fourth in population in the U.S. There is no state income tax while the state sales tax is 6 percent.

There are no mountains or large hills, with the highest natural land point being 345 feet. In the northern end of the state you will find rolling country hills, deciduous trees and experience the four seasons, with winter rarely providing snow. Moving toward the central portion of the state you will find more level land with warmer winter temperatures. Going farther south you will find the world famous Everglades and warm temperatures year round. The state has many world class theme parks, with Disney World being the most famous, and most offer special discounts for residents.

Now consider the affordable manufactured living options in Florida. Manufactured homes are built to offer you a lifestyle you will love. They can be spacious, with designer decor, plush carpeting with modern appliances to suit any taste. You will have your choice of many floor plans and with most manufacturers the option to customize your home the way you want. Manufactured homes today are built to demanding HUD building codes that require them to withstand winds of most hurricanes. They are built to standards equal to or exceeding those of site built homes.

You can find homes ranging from around 1,000 square feet up to and more than 3,000 square feet of living space. You will be amazed at today's manufactured homes that can feature sunken living areas, fireplaces, skylights, large walk-in closets, designer kitchens, and more.

Florida has thousands of manufactured home communities, ranging from family all age communities to those for over age 55. Living in a community offers a social life of potluck dinners, coffees, dances, shows, card games, bingo, tennis and/or golf in some.

Think about spending your day around the pool visiting with your neighbors and friends, or on the golf course. Imagine sitting in your large screen room drinking your morning coffee watching the sunrise or enjoying a refreshing drink late in the afternoon as you view spectacular sunsets.

In many communities you have low maintenance. Your lawn will be mowed, your trash picked up and you can enjoy a manufactured home with very low maintenance.

Living in a manufactured home community with all the amenities means you won't have to drive long distances for entertainment. Community management will screen potential buyers, which means that most likely the community will be comprised of neighbors with interests similar to yours.

Imagine how your northern friends and relatives will feel in the winter when they are shoveling snow or scraping ice and you are sitting around the pool, or in your screen room, or on the golf course or visiting your favorite lake for fishing.

About one third of the United States population resides in manufactured homes and in Florida, the Sunshine State, there are about 1 million manufactured homes. Check out manufactured home living when you are visiting or vacationing in Florida. You won't be disappointed.

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