Moving Tips



The Thompson Team is happy to provide you with this list of moving tips since it can be a very crazy time and hard to remember everything that needs to be done.

Before  the  Move

  •          Make a folder(s) with all of the information on your new home purchase/sale and keep it with you during your move.
  •         Be sure you fill out your community application and try to  meet with your community manager at least 2 weeks prior to closing.
  •          Contact Insurance companies and obtain insurance on your new home as soon as possible. Be sure that the new policy goes into effect as of the day of closing.
  •          Forward your mail to your new address at least 2 weeks before your closing.
  •          Notify all of your credit card companies, insurance companies, clubs, subscriptions, bank, and any other debtors of your new address 30 days before your move.
  •         Make arrangements to have your current utilities shut off prior to your move and your new utilities turned on as of the day of closing. Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
  •          Transfer funds from your old bank to your new bank, if applicable.
  •          Visit your pets vet and make sure that all of their vaccines are up to date and get copies of their records.
  •        Obtain all of your & your families medical & dental records for your new physicians and dentist. Be sure that you have enough of necessary medications to get you through until you meet your new doctor.
  •         Obtain copies of your children's school records and make arrangements for the transfer to their new school.
  •       If using a moving company, give yourself time for the move and boxing up items. Be sure to label all of your boxes. Keep valuables with you (Bank info, medical & pet records, jewelry, other important documents)
  •       Empty your refrigerator & freezer and dispose of all unused food, run the vacuum, sweep floors and leave home clean as you want your new home to be.
  •         Obtain a certified check for your closing funds and be sure that you have enough cash or traveler's checks to get you through until you are able to set up your new bank account.
  •        Be sure that you touch base with your realtor and know when and where your closing will be.

After  the  Move

  •     If you had a hold on your mail be sure to pick up your mail at the post office.
  •    Stop in your community office and meet the manager if you have not prior to closing.
  •    Visit your local city offices, register to vote, obtain your new driver's license and get new car plates if you moved from out of state or county.
  •    Register your children in school.
  •    Arrange for new medical, dental & veterinarian services.
  •    Document in writing and with pictures your new home and its contents. Keep these records in a safe place where you can get them in an emergency.
  •    Learn where your local hurricane shelters are and learn your local emergency numbers. The Thompson Team wishes you a safe and successful move into your new home.
Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
Central Florida LAKE WALES FL 33859