Real Estate Today And The Internet

The trend in real estate today with the presence of and the access to the Internet by a large and growing segment of our society and due to the computer savvy consumer is that a large % of individuals searching for a property (any type - residential / commercial, buy, sell or lease) will do a lot of searching on the Internet from the "get go". The Thompson Team has their own website and links to several others where the properties available can be viewed by potential buyers and sellers. This is our number one form of advertising for manufactured homes on leased land and the most effective.

The search may be limited to just finding an Agent or a real estate agency in a particular area (or several from which to choose) to represent them in their quest - whether they are buyers, tenants or sellers. Or the search may actually get into finding specific properties that meet the criteria of the Buyer.

One of the best things an Agent can do is to have a presence on the Internet and be prepared to respond to inquiries from that medium. Certainly, a web site is important. Once a buyer finds an Agent (or more than one) then they can be of great assistance to the Agent with which they are working to identify some properties that they have an interest in learning more about and perhaps selecting several to physically inspect.

By selecting an Agent such as The Thompson Team that is familiar with manufactured homes on leased land the area of Polk County and working with that Agent a buyer that is savvy in browsing the Internet can often be of great assistance to the Agent in finding suitable properties that are of interest to them. Often times we Agents find that what a buyer may initially tell us that they want is far and away different than that which they ultimately end up buying or leasing.

Find a Realtor

Commercial sites are available as well but there are several national and many local sites from which to choose and no one system is predominantly used by all REALTORS everywhere in the same sense of the word as you find in residential real estate. A major player in the commercial arena would be and consumers can search by property type, area, city, etc.

Finding web sites for real estate offices active in a given geographical area or city can be a big help to the consumer looking for assistance from a professional active in their area of interest. Chamber of commerce sites can also be a good source of information and many will list the sites of their members and offer a link to get to them with a click of the mouse.

If you know people in a particular area - ask for recommendations and referrals to an Agent or to a real estate services firm.

So - the word from this 30 + year professional Agent is sit back and let your mouse do the walking. Find an Agent online and help him / her out by finding some properties that suit your criteria. Your selected Agent will help you by finding out more specific information on those properties and arranging to show you the property(s) as well as to assist you in preparing and negotiating an offer. The Thompson Team can help you with finding your dream home in the Central Florida area and we have a list of Agents that we work closely with for all of your needs. 

Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
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