Reasons To Choose Manufactured Home Community Living

Florida is a haven for manufactured home communities. The Florida Affordable Housing Study Commission reported that about 11.6 percent of housing in Florida is manufactured housing. They also stated that approximately 12.5 percent, or more than 2 million, of the population lived in manufactured housing. In other words, the owners/residents of manufactured housing make an impact on the State of Florida. These numbers have increased dramatically since the last census. 

If you look at a report by the Foremost Insurance Group, you find that, nationwide, the average age of the principal owner of a manufactured home is 54.1 and increasing yearly as the baby boomers reach retirement.  Florida is one of the leaders in attracting retirees. Lots of sunshine and great year-round weather are prime attractions.  There are substantial tax advantages for most retirees. There is a substantail number of Canadians who move to Florida, in spite of the  exchange rates, and there are many who wish to escape the cold winters of the upper Midwest and Northeast. 

There are almost 3,900 land lease communities in the state and about 600 resident-owned communities as reported by the Florida Manufactured Home Organization.  It is evident that the majority of manufactured home owners reside in land-lease communities. The question is why would people elect to live in a community where the monthly lot rent will increase every year, rather than owning the land under their home? In other words, why choose community living? 

The answers are really pretty common sence.

One of the leading reasons is people who have picked up and moved hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles from their long-term homes up North, leaving family and friends behind, are looking for location that will provide them with friends and things to do to keep them busy with all the new found time they have.  When they buy and move into a community they usually will find people from similar circumstances who left all of their family & friends behind. In other words, kindred souls to relate to. 

A community of manufactured homes is like a small town up North. Everyone knows almost everybody in the community: they all have similar situations. It is easy to make new friends. 

Communities offer enough activities to accommodate almost everything a couple or family would want to do.  Dances, golf in some, tennis in many, swimming pools, fishing,  horseshoes, volleyball, exercise rooms, card groups, bingo, sewing groups, computer clubs, entertainment events, pot lucks, holiday parties, group travel and more.  To give you perspective, most communities even have committees devoted primarily to providing activities for residents. Residents are often found walking the streets of the community for exercise, which gives them the opportunity to meet and chat with neighbors.  

Land-lease communities usually provide some utilities; they maintain common areas of the community, and they provide a clubhouse for all the activities.  They also maintain the other amenities, such as pools, spas, libraries, exercise rooms and storage areas. They have rules and regulations that provide the style of living residents look for. For example those who are retiring and are over age 55 usually select a 55+ community as they are free of small children in the streets and all the accompanying noise that goes with them. 

Community living offers people the opportunity to be “big fish in a small pond,” whereas many come from northern areas where they were “small fish in big pond.” Community living provides the lifestyle people moving to Florida are seeking and you deserve.  Call 863-221-5664 or visit with Central Florida Manufactured Home Sales, The Thompson Team and start living in your dream home in Florida paradise today!

Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
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