Central Florida Manufactured Home Sales,

"The Thompson Team" 


"Our Testiminonials" 

Pamela S. Thompson, Sales Agent

"You experienced remarkable results in sales production when you were with EXiT.  I am proud to announce that you will be presented with our prestigious Platinum Designation... You are among our very best.  

Steve Morris,  EXiT  Realty Founder and CEO


Pam & Bob Thompson, Broker/Owner/Agents

                "You impressed this 20 year Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker with your complete service!

            J.Cohenour, Keystone Real Estate



The Thompson Team, 

                "Your ability to work with us, your special needs Clients because of our deaf mute disabilities is remarkable.  You not just once but twice have sold our homes and each time went above and beyond explaining how we could save money, and make wise decisions.  You are brilliant, friendly, and encouraging!"

   B&S Kalis

 Pam & Bob Thompson,   
The Thompson Team Broker/Owner/Agents

"We really appreciate your offer to lower commission on the sale of our home to make the sale happen.  We can't imagine many firms being so kind to do something like that!

D&P Townsley 


Pam & Bob Thompson,  
The Thompson Team Broker/Owner/Agents

My husband and I just want you at The Thompson Team to know how happy we are that you are trying and are so dedicated to selling our home.  We know it was the right decision to list with your Company. 

J&F Byrne

The Thompson Team Broker/Owner/Agents 

We really enjoy the Community you helped us choose to fit our needs and desires, and also the home we purchased!  The community and residents are great!  We are Snowbirds and stay in Florida 1/2 the year.  We thank you The Thompson Team for making this happen for us!  Our dream home come true! 

C&J Weirauch

Bob Thompson, Sales Agent 

"Your personable business manner made us very comfortable and gave us great peace of mind in the purchase of our Florida home. Your dedication we appreciate and we will recommend you highly."

 M/M Johnson


Pam Thompson, Sales Agent 

"Pam Thompson met our expectations in listing our house. She answered our questions and been honest and straightforward. We have great confidence in her Professional demeaner."
C&M Holbrook

Pam Thompson 
The Thompson Team, Sales Agent

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how knowledgable and helpful Pam was when we were in the area.  She was very helpful and we appreciated her going the extra mile.  Very impressive!

          D Allison               


Pamela S. Thompson, Sales Agent 

"My wife and I commend Pam for a quick sale, professional attitude and her pleasing personality. Pam not only sold the property in 30 days, but kept us informed of the progress of all the showings."  

M. Crouse

Bob Thompson, Sales Agent 

"You told me my fantasy dream home awaited me in Florida and you were right! You told me you would find it and you did! Your above and beyond services are extraordinary!" 
M/M Hunt

Pamela Thompson, Sales Agent 

"Pam definitely has the right attitude for selling homes!" 
T. Sease, Community Manager

Pam Thompson, Sales Agent

"Thanks for the amazing speed with which you sold my home and for the professionalism during showing, selling and closing. After many months of trying to sell my home, either by myself or another Realty company, I was lucky enough to meet you after you sold my friends home next door... who had the same experience with their home selling in such a short time. You sold my home in less than 19 days! I needed this to happen due to my new home being ready.   Your dedication and hard work is is hard to come by.  

P. Wimmer

Pamela Thompson, Sales Agent

"I truely appreciate your appearance and pleasurable attitude. It's nice to know that I am now dealing with a 'professional'".  You must work 24/7 as the other Company I was listed with never even showed it!  

B. Michalski

Pamela S. Thompson, Sales Agent

"I really appreciate your help and understanding. Your one of the few people willing to work with your customers".  Your website is fantastic!  What I saw on the website is exactly what I saw when I arrived in Florida!

G. Sisco


 Pam & Bob Thompson

"Thanks Pam & Bob for all you do for us, and for Brad and Laura also.  You are the best Property Managers!"


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Pamela Shilling Thompson
Pamela Shilling Thompson
Central Florida LAKE WALES FL 33859