Why Use an Agent?            

  • Efficiency

The search for a home or a buyer is a very time-consuming process, especially without the aid of a Professional. Agents are proficient at sorting through available properties to find homes that meet your needs.


  • Neighborhood Knowledge

Agent Professionals are familiar with many characteristics that will affect your home's value, including the quality of area schools and future zoning/construction plans. While many private home owners may not be inclined to disclose such information, Agent Professionals are ethically bound to work for your best interests.


  • Negotiation

Experienced Agents are experts are negotiating the best sale/purchase price for your home. Efficient negotiation can mean signing a contract on your dream home vs. your second choice.


  • Closing Knowledge

There are a lot of details involved in the sale and purchase of a new home. An Agent is held responsible for making sure that all specifications in your contract are met, and that the title is properly transferred. Attempting to finalize all details and eliminate all mistakes on a home sale or purchase is best left to a professional.


  • Little to No Cost to the Buyer

Most Agents do not charge a fee to represent a Buyer in a transaction. Their commission is generally paid by the Seller in the transaction. If an Agent does charge a fee, it is often negotiable.



Locate Agents in Your Area that specialize in the type of property you have to sell.

Select an Agent.
Select the agent that you feel most comfortable with. You are looking for an EXPERIENCED Agent who listens well, is responsive, asks you important questions, has good suggestions, and shows you properties that meet your specifications. If an agent is not meeting your expectations, MOVE ON! There are many qualified and dedicated agents out there waiting to represent your best interests. Don't waste your time on someone that is not committed to you.

 Look for an Agent who explains their services and their effectiveness properly, not those who only list a large number of properties. Listings are, of course, important, but all good Agents are expected to have access to a wide range of listings. Look to see if their web site offers something to you in the way of information or other services.

Interview Agents before hiring them. Make sure that this is someone you can trust with one of the largest investments of your life. Make sure it is someone you are compatible with, as you will likely be spending a lot of time with your Agent. Try to measure the knowledge of the Agent during the interview. There are many Agents who will "need to get back to you" for basic information, while others demonstrate ready knowledge of homes available. You should definitely look to work with the latter.

 Look for an Agent who shows interest in your requirements by asking questions. Agents should be straightforward - rather than just telling you what you want to hear.

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